Bucatini alla Matriciana

Ingredientes (4 pax):

500 g. di Bucatini pasta,
200 g. Streaky bacon,
1 Glass of dry white wine,
800 g. Tomato sauce (Pomodori pelati San Marzano),
1 Hot chili pepper,
100 g. sheep’s milk cheese.

Cut streaky bacon into thick cubes and sauté it in a frying pan, when it becomes lightly browned wet it with white wine and keep on cooking on a high flame till it is dry off;
add tomato and chilli and let them cook till the sauce thickens.
Cook the bucatini in abundant and properly salted water and drain them “al dente” directly in the pan.
Stir till pasta’s starch and sauce are mixed and only at the end, not on the flame, add the grated sheep’s milk cheese.

Enjoy your Matriciana!